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The image of the bride 2020 Trends

2020 is just around the corner, so it's time to find out what will be relevant this year if you started preparing for the wedding! Hairstyles, dresses, makeup ... What trends persist from 2019 and go into the current season? Read the opinions of our experts:

Changes in the wedding world affect all areas, from invitation to the very concept of the holiday. After we examined wedding trends in 2020, we started a more detailed story about what awaits us next year, for example, in the printing industry, and today we want to understand in detail one of the most important wedding issues. What kind of bride is she 2020?


This season, conceptual changes have already taken place at the wedding, and the bride, as the main image at the wedding, embodies them in her own image. The next season, the trend continues to gain momentum. The new character of the modern bride can be different, as designers showed at New York Wedding Fashion Week, however, one feature can be traced in all the images presented - the bride has become brave and ready to show individuality even in a classic image.

Wedding stylist Daria Miguel notes that the classics and at the same time to the very outright sexuality coexisted on the catwalk and even understand that today the bride has every right to be not only tender, feminine, but also sexy.

One of the main trends that appeared in the past year and turns into the present is becoming a classic - thanks to the luxurious royal wedding! So, we skip to specifics.

Wedding Dress

The basis of the bride’s wedding image - the dress - cannot be left out, therefore she undergoes changes in the first place. More precisely, the trends most often affect this particular subject of the bride’s wedding image. What trends does our experts highlighted?

In the first place, two big trends they are noticed, reflecting the already outlined classics and sexuality. Classics are expressed primarily in fabrics: dense fabrics and textures give the dress elegance, conciseness and rigor, while concealing some imperfections in the figure. Atlas does not lose its popularity.

Lingerie style will be responsible for sexuality in wedding dresses 2020, continue in the salon, which gives the bride at the same time a gentle and sexy style. Another sensual trend of the new season is the bustier: “Dresses with a top in the bustier style are like a cherry on a cake! Perfect for brides who want to emphasize the neckline zone. ”Transparent models also belong to the most sensual dresses. For those brides who want to drive everyone crazy with stunning shapes!

By the way, the neckline and back area in the next season receive equally close attention, so there are many models with both an open back and a very deep neckline: sometimes the neckline reaches the waist level, but it does not look vulgar thanks to a thin mesh that visually softens the effect.

Feather is distinguished from less noticeable trends in the salon, allowing you to create a truly original image, thin straps that perfectly perfectly emphasize the collarbone and shoulder line, as well as midi dresses, for brides who want to create not only a comfortable, but also a stylish look, complementing it classic pumps. By the way, colored dresses still remain relevant!

Makeup and hairstyle

Our brides are slowly but surely giving up complex hairstyles, increasingly relying on naturalness, which will certainly continue to rule in 2020: both in the image of the bride and in the wedding industry in general. Stylist Katerina Shevchenko notes that healthy skin, perfect eyebrows, and blush are the main decorations of the bride. In this case, the makeup is done in natural pastel colors: pinkish, brownish, beige. Therefore, Katerina marks the change in emphasis in cosmetics as a trend: she is more nursing than decorative.

Natural look is complemented by the rejection of curls - only smooth hairstyles and most often a bun. “Since we mainly focus on Europe style, if we talk about style, then, of course, there can be no talk of false strands or eyelashes.” Thus, rigor and minimalism can be seen not only in decor, but also in the image of a bride.

Stylist Veroika Pare also noticed naturalness as the main trend in 2020, but adds: “If you want to maximize the new trend, feel free to choose the metallic shine for eyelashes, whether silver or gold. It can be a small but surely bright accent in the corner of the eye or on the entire eyelid or a colored metal arrow.

Highlighter and blush continue to play a major role. But next summer there is no longer an uncontrolled brilliance from collarbones to the forehead and drapping. These products are designed to locally and moderately create the effect of well-groomed and healthy skin.

Bright lips in a wedding look - a classic. In this range there is only a conservative red color. At the same time, the face remained delicately light and clean. If you want to add density to the eyelashes.


The main accessory of the bride is a veil. It returns triumphantly, again thanks to the royal wedding. In 2020, the veil comes out of the shadows and takes on the same meaning as the dress. It is densely decorated. The same could be observed at the already mentioned fashion week in New York. In connection with the growing popularity of veils, an alternative appears, which all our experts talk about - cape or cape. Inside, Jully Bride notes that the cape allows you to create a truly royal look. At the same time, continues Daria Miguel, he is often called upon to balance an almost defiantly sexual image.


The second of the bride’s traditional accessories is becoming increasingly free in her form and composition. Brunza's Photo studio emphasizes that now is the time when borders are erased and there are no uniform rules for everyone. Flight of fancy and the result depend only on personal inner boundaries. That's why unusual color combinations are becoming more noticeable, classic bouquets are perfectly combined with the industrial interior and vice versa.

Finally, our experts urge you to listen to yourself and your inner voice so that at your wedding you look the way you like it. The ideal image is timeless, and for each bride he has his own. With special trepidation, choose people who will help make your ideas and dreams come true!

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